LS Tractor

LS Tractor has been building tractors since 1974. LS started as part of the highly-respected LG Group and has been adding to the worldwide reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. LS Tractor has won numerous design awards and has earned a reputation for building top quality, high-value tractors.

LS Tractor offers a six-year warranty for most of their tractors. And just like all LS Tractor warranties, you get a two-year bumper to bumper* protection, plus additional powertrain coverage that includes parts and labor. There’s no deductible, and it isn’t loaded with exclusions. Compare our short, easy to understand, no-nonsense warranty to all the others and see for yourself that LS Tractor has you covered. View the LS Warranty Policy.

For those who are not sure what size tractor they need, check out this Overview Brochure which lists out all the tractors that LS has to offer.

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